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The JLRC Digital Certified Program is backed by our Jaguar Land Rover Canada Digital support team that provides support to participating Retailers on the program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Live core program support and consultation, updated brand creative content, national offers, coordination with Ansira on JLR CA Marketing Program CI / compliance, no long-term contracts, and new technologies.

Yes. Enrolled retailers will receive ongoing support from JLR CA Digital Consultants (JLRCADCs). The digital consultant role is dedicated to the retailer and helps guide them to make the right decisions for platform and advertising choice in the JLR CA Digital Program. They handle all program related questions and contact the retailer monthly with the certified provider to review their digital performance. The digital consultants are not incentivized on sales and do not have provider preference. The consultant is an expert in JLR CA Digital Program related services and maintains the relationship with the retailer even through certified provider changes.

In addition to the website platform, all certified providers will offer a variety of add-on services including, but not limited to: Managed Creative, Managed SEO and Search and Display Advertising. Retailers can add additional services at any time. Please contact a JLR Digital Consultant for assistance.

Co-op eligibility varies per product – please contact the marketing support centers for verification.

JLRCCMP Support Center


All certified products and services will be billed directly to the retailer’s parts statement only.

There are no long-term contracts in the JLR CA Digital Program. The contract period for all programs and services is month-to-month to provide flexibility. Products cancelled on or before the 10th of the month will be billed through the end of the month. Products cancelled after the 10th of the month will be billed through the end of the following month.

While the program contract period is flexible month-to-month, retailers are encouraged to stay with their provider for at least 90 days to maximize satisfaction and platform performance. A retailer must complete a Cancellation form or email JLR CA Digital support with intent to cancel services. The retailer can then re-enroll with a new certified provider. All billing terms stated above will apply.

All retailers are required to have a compliant on-program website which links from Tier 1. Retailers are responsible for managing any cancellations for services outside of the JLR CA Digital Program.

JLRCADCs will be able to assist with simple content updates. If additional creative and/or custom content is desired, additional paid options for managed creative support are available through the Digital Manager services.

All Certified Providers include information about their programs and product offerings via the "Learn More" pages on the enrollment site. The JLR CA Digital Consultants (JLRCADCs) are available to offer unbiased program information or connect you with providers to learn more.

Please contact the JLR CA Digital Support Team at (888) 850-1008 or

Digital Advertising FAQs

All JLR retailers are eligible to participate.

Please contact the Jaguar Land Rover Canada Digital Consultant Support Team at 888-850-1008.

Here are a few key Digital Advertising services offered by the Certified Providers:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): The process of building and marketing a site with the goal of improving its position in search engine results. SEM includes both search engine optimization (SEO) and search advertising, or paid search.

Display Advertising: Commonly referred to as banner ads. These ads can be served to customers based on previous search history.

Re-Targeting: Website code that allows providers to follow customers that have visited a store’s website via the browsers “cookie.” This allows a Provider to serve relevant ads to that customer as they browse the internet.

All traffic is driven to your Jaguar/Land Rover Program website.

Your enrollment is completely voluntary.

You can use the enrollment form found on this website, or by emailing

Upon registration your chosen Provider will be notified and will be in touch with you shortly by phone and by email, to begin designing your digital advertising solution.

A robust selection process was conducted to evaluate companies from around the country, with input from the Jaguar Land Rover Canada Marketing Board. The Jaguar Land Rover Canada Digital Advertising Program Certified Providers are best in class with national reach and extensive digital automotive industry expertise.

Retailers must stay enrolled on the program with one Provider for a minimum of 90 days to ensure maximum campaign relevancy. This will help your ads appear in more relevant search results, which will ultimately help you reach more local, targeted customers.

No – the program structure allows for each retailer to be enrolled with only one Provider at a time.

The Digital Advertising program is uniquely integrated with your Jaguar Land Rover program website. Analytics will be available through the Digital Advertising reporting tools located within your website CMS. Additional reporting can be requested from Shift Digital and the vendors on an ad hoc basis.

Standard billing rules apply to the Digital Advertising Program. If you cancel after the 10th of the month and you will be charged for the current and following month. Advertising and support will continue throughout the period for which you are charged.

You will automatically be billed through your Parts Statement. It is your responsibility to monitor your billing on a regular basis.

For Co-Op purposes each vendor will submit a billing file and campaign performance metrics with all enrolled dealers once per month to Shift. Shift will align these files by dealer code and provide to JLRCCMP for reimbursement. Retailer will receive Co-Op reimbursement the following month.

All vendors will submit assets for approval to Assets will be provided to JLRCCMP with approval or denial granted within 24 hours of submission. For all denied assets Shift Digital will provide feedback to vendors to make the appropriate change and resubmit for pre-approval. This process is entirely hands off for the retailers.

Please contact the Jaguar Land Rover Canada Digital Consultant Support Team at 888-850-1008 or email