AutoVerify is the leading provider of vehicle merchandising solutions for Canadian auto dealers & retailers. With over 700 clients nationwide, 100 + professional photographers, cutting edge self-serve tools and best in class editing & background replacement, we are the best choice for making the best impression online - where it counts most.

We are also the only company that has concrete proof of how we impact our clients website performance and bottom line…check out our independent studies which prove that dealers & retailers using our services get significantly better results! AutoVerify we help drive your image forward.

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CM 360°

Full Resolution image quality based on a simplified process which captures photos vs. pulling frames out of a shaky walkaround video. Images are then displayed on a player that is integrated with your website, guaranteeing the intended Full-Res result.


Your entire inventory scheduled, shot, brand compliant, and syndicated - hands free. Select the cars you want captured and your designated professional photographer arrives to stage and capture the vehicle(s) the next day.

  • Up to 5 visits per week (at no extra cost)
  • Designated Account Manager
  • Quality Control Audits


Harness the entire Suite on your terms with the Self-Serve Capture App. Select, shoot, and track your operation in-house with a paint-by-numbers guide to achieve the same consistent and visually stimulating results as with Full-Serve.

  • Select your own custom photo set
  • Designated Account Manager
  • Full Training Provided