JLR Canada Program Overview

The JLRC Digital Certified Program is designed to assist Retailers with promoting and maximizing their digital presence. The program gives Retailers the choice of industry-leading and proven digital solutions, along with best-in-class support, reporting tools, and unbiased performance improvement recommendations to help you compete at the highest level.

For any questions on the certified program or specific providers, please contact our JLR CA Digital Consultants via phone at 888-850-1008 or email at info@jlrcadigital.ca.


The JLRC Digital Website Program is designed to provide Jaguar Land Rover Retailers with proven products and services which will allow you to dominate digital marketing in your local market while promoting what makes your JLR Retailer unique.

Your Retailer website platform is your online showroom and the foundation for your Digital Marketing strategy.

Your preferred partner will offer a unique set of strategies and solutions to assist you with:

  • Creating a best-in-class online showroom experience
  • Improving your online presence
  • Increasing retail sales and profitability
  • Supporting owner loyalty and customer satisfaction
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Digital Advertising

Drive more traffic to your Retailer website with an optimized, innovative, and effective digital advertising strategy. The JLRC Digital Advertising Program gives Retailers the choice between industry leading vendors, offering a variety of solutions and tactics that is most suitable to meet your marketing goals.

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Digital Retailing

The JLRC Digital Retailing Program offers a variety of best-in-class, industry-leading, and proven solutions for Jaguar Land Rover Retailers to incorporate into their digital showroom. Solidifying the purchase process online is becoming increasingly important to align with how customers want to transact today. Creating a seamless, efficient, and enjoyable car-buying experience.

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Inventory Merchandising

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Digital Manager

A Digital Manager is a dedicated representative assigned to your dealership to pro-actively update your on-program website(s) with custom content, while ensuring total website compliance based on the JLRCCMP guidelines. The Digital Manager will connect at a minimum of twice per month to review website metrics, website recommendations, monthly specials, program updates and consult on an overall digital strategy. Additionally, your Digital Manager will be utilized to fully support your website and to assist with anything encompassing the JLR Canada Digital Certified Program.

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